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Nikki Woods Media is a dedicated Media and Marketing Agency that has the singular goal of experts, speakers and entrepreneurs the visibility they need to build a business they love that generates the revenue they deserve.


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Who is Nikki Woods?

I’m Nikki Woods, a 10 year executive producer for one of the country’s leading morning radio talk shows. I’ve booked thousands of celebrities, authors, and experts from around the world and I know the power of media exposure and how to get it.  

I’ve leveraged my media knowledge to build a personal audience of 12,000 FaceBook followers, 25,000 Instagram followers, and 42,000 Twitter followers and counting. I know how to build an audience using media exposure, the proof is out there.  

I also know who you are:  

You’re an ambitious author, speaker, expert or entrepreneur who wants more media to generate revenue for your business or brand You want immediate results, but you are willing to put in the work required You know you have a message that would impact the world, you just need to get enough people to hear it  

My program 'IMPACT and INCOME MEDIA' is how I've built my audience and I want to show you how you can access the media to build yours. Media exposure boosts revenue and grows your brand to create new opportunities.

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